What does a ‘Full Medical’ consist of?

The following tests are done when doing a full medical depending on the occupational exposures. Image 1: Lung function test to certify employees fit to work in dust, fume & chemical environments. Image 2: Disposable mouthpiece with turbine/filter used once for each employee to avoid cross-infection from respiratory diseases. Image 3: Hearing test to certify the employee fit to work in noise environments.  Results are printed & signed on-site by employees as per legal requirement. Calibration certificates included. Image 4: Disposable earpieces used for each employee. Image 5: Vision screening to assess visual acuity, depth perception & colour vision for drivers. Image 6-8: Health Assessment by Occupational Health Nurse comprising of: Full physical exam, Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Glucose testing & Fitness assessment.  For height medicals, psychological assessment for working at height questionnaire is completed. Thereafter, original Fitness Certificate signed by Occupational Health Medical Practitioner.

Employers will experience peace of mind as all procedures/tests are in line with the OSH Act.

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