SERVICES: * integrated health strategies * assisting with H & S compliance * promoting health of employees



Occupational Safety and Health Corp (OSHCORP) is a private company that specialises in Occupational Health, Safety and Wellness services in accordance with standards of Best Practice, and relevant legislation including the Mine Health and Safety Act of 1996, Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and the updated 2014 Construction Regulations. OSHCORP is accredited with the Department of Labour for First Aid Level 1-3 training and HWSETA for Safety & Health related training. OSHCORP is the preferred service provider for Working at Heights – NOSA. We specialise in the delivery of integrated health strategies for employers with the aim of promoting the health of employees thus increasing productivity and preventing injury, disease, disability or early death. This promotes employer compliance with Occupational Health legislative requirements.

OSHCORP offers legal health services to meet differing needs of employers without compromising quality, safety and the health of employees at excellent rates. We are passionate about what we do therefore we promote the highest possible standards in occupational health, safety and wellness. We pride ourselves on having leading healthcare professionals who are registered with their relevant professional bodies, with over 25 years consultancy experience including the mining sector.

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